Fingerprint Readers

Biosense II Fingerprint Standalone Controller

Biosense II Terminal can be now option with TA System (Time Attendance), AC System (Access Control), or COMBO System (Access&Attendance system). Also, provide Biosense II comes with CHIYU fine selected fingerprint module. Suitable for fast speed fingerprint verification, small user account(500~1000 persons). The changes also make BioSENSE II terminal a cost-effective solution.

Biosense III Fingerprint Standalone Controller

Biosense III is newly designed for access control & attendance management. With an elegant outlook will also suitable for modern offices. Biosense III may be using as attendance system. CHIYU provides web server in-built products to download first in last out report. Also for advanced setting, Software package (Somac) is provided.


3G / WIFI / POE Option is Available


Biosense III-T Fingerprint Standalone Controller

Biosense III-T is color screen design for either access control or time attendance management. With touch keypad and IP65 weatherproof rate, Biosense III-T is suitable for modern offices or outdoor. Moreover, Biosense III-T has build in user friendly Web Server. Software package (Somac) is provided.


3G / WIFI / POE Option is Available


Fingerprint Reader Controller

Biosense, Among lots of different fingerprint access controllers, Biosense is still an outstanding fingerprint access controller and fingerprint reader for its merit of several features. With ability of IP connection that even brings Biosense not just work as a standalone fingerprint reader or fingerprint controller but able to combine with access controllers to perform as a fingerprint reader. Multi management method could either through software or the web page both firmly secure the whole fingerprint access control system.

Single Door Fingerprint Access Controller

BF-630W is one of biometric reader controller for single door with fingerprint security thru web based. Ideally, BF-630W is used to perform a single entrance door security or a small office as a time attendance recorder with Fingerprint, RFID and Password 3 in 1 authentication.


3G / WIFI / POE Option is Available


Single Door Biometric Reader Controller

BF-631W is a single door biometric reader controller which design with Web Server to help system operator to configure, manage their own fingerprint access control system. Ideally, BF-631W is used to manage single entrance security, or for a small enterprise as a simple time attendance recorder with Fingerprint security or RFID card, Password as a 3-in-1 access control system.


3G / WIFI / POE Option is Available